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To dreeeeeam the impossible dreeeam (of having a painfree head)

Hi everyone, I just joined this community. I've been having migraines since I was about 20, but they've only become a consistent part of my life in the past two years (one or more a week). They got significantly worse this summer, due to the stress crazy roommates stealing/burning/drinking things, but I'm in a nice place now and doing better.

My problem is that I have had a migraine or semi-graine (yes, that is a made up word) for the past two weeks. The day after Thanksgiving I had a migraine, and though it decreased and the worst of the pain went away it never really, fully left. Three days ago (Sunday morning) I had a real innovator of a migraine that left me wailing in the shower & my boyfriend wanted to call the ambulance (which I did not let him do, in my family ambulances are for nothing less than heart failure).

I feel like I just need to break the cycle. Most of the time I take my Imitrex/Fioricet, fall asleep and then wake up kinda dopey but much better, but these past two weeks have just been non-stop ow. I know some contributing factors were an irregular sleep schedule & irregular eating habits, the stress of an upcoming concert, and the fact that our boiler is broken & we are heatless which makes my neck tight & stiff.

What has helped: a lunch of sushi with tons of fresh ginger (I felt a hundred times better after that one meal), heating pads, getting back on a regular sleep/food schedule. These help but haven't made it go away entirely and its starting to really get me down.

Any suggestions? I'm taking two Fioricet a day during work so I can function (in a dopey fashion), and am trying to eliminate most triggers from my diet. I've used up all my sick/vacation time for now so I can't really take any time off to see my doc, which is usually my solution.
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