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Newbie post.

Hi. Today seems like a good intro day for a headaches community, so I figured I'd just say hello and introduce myself.

I'm 28, and aside from pretty terrible migraines, in pretty good health. I live in NYC and work at an investment bank, which means 12-14 hour workdays, six days a week. I also take care of six kids, which is a long story that ends with my fanatically Catholic sister having a nervous breakdown and leaving her kids with me. So basically when I get a migraine, it keeps getting compounded with busy and hectic workdays and loud kid-filled evenings. I get them on average once every 4-6 months, I guess, which isn't really that bad. They didn't tend to be very bad at all.

This particular time around, I've had a migraine for the last 2 days, just about. I've been all but fired because of that and some other factors that compound to me being in shitty shape when I'm at work. Yesterday I nearly blacked out in my boss's office and then threw up in front of him, leading to him pretty much giving me the ultimatum of "make your headaches go away or you're fired." So, I guess I'm fired. I stayed home all day today and threw up a bunch more, which is super awesomely fun, really. I took some pain pills that do pretty much nothing. I've tried anything from Excedrin Migraine to Vicodin, and it all just makes my liver hurt in varying degrees but does nothing for my head. Right now it's let up a bit so I just feel like crap instead of like a vomiting crap, so I figured I'd type this up and see if anyone had any suggestions. I've tried meditation/yoga, swimming (which actually helped a fair bit, but I tend to black out lately whenever I have migraines so I'd probably drown. ha.), pills... Anything in particular that worked for anyone?

Also, I'm far from being a doctor... does anybody happen to know if it's unusual/not a good sign for migraines to get progressively worse? They were self-diagnosed, so it's possible that they aren't migraines. I came to that conclusion just because they really fit the bill (tunnel vision, nausea, light sensitivity, blah blah). But they seem to increase in intensity every time. Over just the last year, they've gone from a creepy aura type thing with a kind of crappy vaguely nauseous feeling and a slight headache to something that makes me want to scream, and from which I almost always black out at least once, and throw up no matter what I do about them. (Including a few trips to the ER.) They've also increased in length from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days. Any thoughts?
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