Sandra (Panter) Gilligan (selaura) wrote in headaches,
Sandra (Panter) Gilligan

Bad week

I've been having a LOT of trouble with my head the last five days.  Stabbing pains that come from nowhere and almost make me pass out, migraines that medicine won't touch, my regular constant headache(which I've had 8 years now) has been more painful than usual, too.  To top it all off, I think my head is swelling.  I got new glasses about 3 months ago.  They have been really comfortable and never pinch my head.....until today.  All day long the glasses have felt like they are digging into my head, particularly behind my right ear.  I don't even know if it's possible to have swelling like that, but I can't really think of another reason for this to happen suddenly.  I've not bumped or dropped my glasses and they do not look bent.   Has anyone experienced something like this from headaches? 
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