Marty (thirdgreek) wrote in headaches,

Headache since i can remember.

 Im kinda nervous to start exploring this  burden in my head. I fear that i will never get rid of it.

My name is Marty, im 28 and i feel that ive had a headache forever. There are times when i can't stand the pain in my whole head. Other times it's right behind my eyes. Ive have sinus sergury and that really didnt do the trick. I can shake my head and it really feels lke i stir up that pain thats settled down in my head. Most of the time it's hurting. I fear that it is coming on strong eneryday. When it does it hurts in different places at different times.If i turn my head upside down to look under anything its always there. Ive had all kinds of meds in the past for adhd, depression, anxiety, all kinds of things. Ive battled alot of things. Now i have a fear of axiety thats feeds it. Im tryin to stay on topic. What imsayin is i can't take those mood stabelizer's and anti-depressants cause they have given me alot of problems.
thanks thats all i have for now.
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