Sandra (Panter) Gilligan (selaura) wrote in headaches,
Sandra (Panter) Gilligan

Possible help for some

My niece, Dena, has been having great results with a new chiropracter she started seeing.  He is a National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association(NUCCA) certified chiropracter.  She's completely sold on the procedures he uses. I have yet to see him because his main practice is about 400 miles away and I don't really have the gas money at this time. BUT, with her having such wonderful results, I thought I would post the website so those interested could find a practicing doctor near them. is the main site, is the direct link to finding one in your area. 

Dena used to use medicine for her headache practically every day, many times several times in a day.  Now, she's down to a couple times a week, less when she's just had a treatment. Still not perfect, but a LOT better than any medication ever did for her. Just thought I should share since it is an option.

For those of you used to "bone-cracker" chiropractic, this is much less movement and painless. She says she can hardly tell that he's done anything, except she feels better.

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