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has anyone here experienced migraines during pregnancy? i'm nearly 7 months pregnant and have been struggling with migraines for the past couple months. i'm not allowed any meds specifically for migraines as they told me that they are not safe during pregnancy. my OB gave me lortab and phenergan tablets, and that helps if the headache isn't too bad.

if that doesn't work, she has told me to go to the ER. they have given me stadol shots and those only work for a few hours. the best thing i've had is nubain, which i used to get before i was pregnant. but it depends entirely on what doctor i get which meds they want to use. it's hard to wait in the ER and not know if what they give you will help!

if any of you have experienced this, what did you do for relief? i went to the ER one week ago and got the stadol shot, fell asleep from it and woke up with a worse headache. it hasn't gone away all week and i can't decide if i want to chance going back to the ER. i'm miserable.
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Yoga Hurts

Has anyone ever had a bad experience with yoga, even if it only happened once out of 10+ classes?

I'm only doing yoga because it's part of a class for my major. Yoga usually aggravates me in other places, but today's experience was out of the ordinary. Slight light headedness would have been normal, but today found me EXTREMELY DIZZY to the point where I had the sensation of leaving the room. Could it have been from more than just a stuffy head and odd music?

All comments greatly appreciated as the experience frightened me.
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Drug question

I was in the doctor's office for a routine med check and picked up a magazine in the exam room while I was waiting.  Lo and behold, it had information on Chronic Daily Headaches and the 4 subtypes they have.  In one subtype, it recommended Indomethacin as a solution to the headache.  I just got a prescription for it, as we have tried everything else. Having been through a multitude of drugs in the past 8 years, I'm not terribly optimistic, but at least it's something different.   I realize it's just another NSAID, but has anyone tried this and had any good results for chronic headache? 
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Tracking Software

Has anyone found a free pain tracking program?  http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ has a "home" version of Smart Diary Suite, but the home version doesn't let you track pain, therefore is useless to me.  The ultimate version costs $70.  So... since I see that something that cool actually exists, I was wondering if anyone has seen a freeware that does the same thing?
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Ice Pick Headaches

Some of you may already be aware of these, if so, I apologize for the duplication of information. However, I just found this article and was interested to learn of these headaches. I always assumed that the pain I was experiencing was just a normal part of life, and something to be tolerated. Instead, it sounds like that is not necessarily true. Accordingly, I thought I'd share this article in case others share my experience of these headaches and also assume that they are "normal." I know that, as someone who experiences too many headaches, I often get complacent about pain, and it appears that this form of head pain may be another example of that.
Read and enjoy!
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Possible help for some

My niece, Dena, has been having great results with a new chiropracter she started seeing.  He is a National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association(NUCCA) certified chiropracter.  She's completely sold on the procedures he uses. I have yet to see him because his main practice is about 400 miles away and I don't really have the gas money at this time. BUT, with her having such wonderful results, I thought I would post the website so those interested could find a practicing doctor near them. http://www.nucca.org/ is the main site, http://www.nucca.org/locate-a-doctor is the direct link to finding one in your area. 

Dena used to use medicine for her headache practically every day, many times several times in a day.  Now, she's down to a couple times a week, less when she's just had a treatment. Still not perfect, but a LOT better than any medication ever did for her. Just thought I should share since it is an option.

For those of you used to "bone-cracker" chiropractic, this is much less movement and painless. She says she can hardly tell that he's done anything, except she feels better.

Headache since i can remember.

 Im kinda nervous to start exploring this  burden in my head. I fear that i will never get rid of it.

My name is Marty, im 28 and i feel that ive had a headache forever. There are times when i can't stand the pain in my whole head. Other times it's right behind my eyes. Ive have sinus sergury and that really didnt do the trick. I can shake my head and it really feels lke i stir up that pain thats settled down in my head. Most of the time it's hurting. I fear that it is coming on strong eneryday. When it does it hurts in different places at different times.If i turn my head upside down to look under anything its always there. Ive had all kinds of meds in the past for adhd, depression, anxiety, all kinds of things. Ive battled alot of things. Now i have a fear of axiety thats feeds it. Im tryin to stay on topic. What imsayin is i can't take those mood stabelizer's and anti-depressants cause they have given me alot of problems.
thanks thats all i have for now.
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Bad week

I've been having a LOT of trouble with my head the last five days.  Stabbing pains that come from nowhere and almost make me pass out, migraines that medicine won't touch, my regular constant headache(which I've had 8 years now) has been more painful than usual, too.  To top it all off, I think my head is swelling.  I got new glasses about 3 months ago.  They have been really comfortable and never pinch my head.....until today.  All day long the glasses have felt like they are digging into my head, particularly behind my right ear.  I don't even know if it's possible to have swelling like that, but I can't really think of another reason for this to happen suddenly.  I've not bumped or dropped my glasses and they do not look bent.   Has anyone experienced something like this from headaches? 

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Hi, i desperately need some help or advice or anything:

I am 26 yrs old, have had both migraines and tension headaches since i was 11 yrs old, so for the last 15 years.

It used to be literally every day i would have a headache, then it tapered off for a while, BUT as of the past two years i have been getting extremely painful tension headaches every single day, with the only break being migraine headaches;

The migraine headaches have the symptoms of visual disturbances a few hours before the migraine starts, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, very extreme, aversion to food and smells, sometimes (usually) my right side of my face droops a little as in, my eye droops, i cant fully open that eye either, not hugely, but enough to be noticeable, my speech starts to slur, at its worse i drool a lil, (just a bit), my balance goes completely and i run into walls, i cannot form sentences, and basically for all appearances, i seem like i'm very drunk. I get these about once a week, if i'm lucky once a fortnight.
Whether i have an actual migraine or "just" a headache, i am usually in a great deal of pain.

I dont know what causes these headaches.

Now i am very sick of it. I want it to stop, i can only afford to see a free doctor who doesnt DOCTOR so much as prescribe and so all i get is mersyndol forte, which is 450 mg of paracetamol 30 mg of codeine and 5 mg of doxylamine succinate, he will prescribe other things, i just need to know what to ask for. These pills rarely even stop the pain and when it does, i have to take a lot.

Please, is there anything else i can do, or ask for or ANYTHING? I havent had any scans or tests or anything, basically i need to know what to ask for so i can make him do it.

thanks in advance